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Frequently Asked Questions

What is NoCode.Tech?

NoCode.Tech is the home of the No-Code movement: A website to discover the latest tools, techniques and projects to build without coding!

Access expert guidance, expert-led tutorials + workshops and an ever-updated repository of the best No-Code app builders and other tools.

Which No-Code Platform is the Best?/What No-Code tool is the best?

There is no simple answer to this question - It depends entirely on what you want to build!

Trying to build a mobile app? You’ll find the best platforms here: App Builders

Or a Web app? We’ve curated the best tools for that too: Web App Builders

Maybe you want to build something for work or a large enterprise? Try Internal Tools or Enterprise Tools

Or perhaps you want to build a voice app without code? Check Voiceflow out

As you can see, the best No-Code platform depends on what you’re trying to build. It also depends on how much design flexibility you need, how much decision-making power your app needs and what trade-off in ease of use/learning curve you’re willing to make in order to harness that power!

We’ve included reviews and ratings which cover the flexibility, ease of use, cost effectiveness and more on many of our tool review pages. You can browse our whole directory of tools here

Will No-Code replace developers and coding?

No! But over time, it will definitely change what they are coding.

Most developers end up coding the same things over and over again throughout their careers. Think about it: every app you use has a signup and login system, push notifications, a way to take payments, a navigation menu, perhaps a map or a comment posting feature etc - Each of these apps are owned by different companies, who all create their own versions of essentially the same thing!

No-Code allows developers to take care of this “grunt” work instantly and move on to harder problems, like AI, Crypto, new features, taking advantage of the great new advances in tech, like more processing power, voice recognition, machine learning, LIDAR and others!

And of course - No-Code tools need Coders to create, maintain and improve them! 

What is a Low-Code tool?

A Low-Code tool or platform is a piece of software designed to help programmers and coders save time, either by allowing them to build visual interfaces quicker than they could by hand, by automatically predicting the code they are writing or by using pre-made, common components (such as a login screen) so that a developer does not have to write the same piece of code more than once.

Low-Code can be used by fully or semi technical people to build software, but does require at least a basic level of coding skills.

What is a No-Code tool?

A No-Code tool is a piece of software which allows non-technical users to create their own software or apps, usually with a visual interface, a place to store information and the ability to create logical decisions. 

Often, No-Code tools use drag and drop interfaces, similar to design tools like Photoshop or Figma. No-Code tools are specifically designed to be used with no understanding of code and as a result, are different from Low-Code tools.

What is the NoCode movement?

The NoCode movement (or No-Code movement) refers to a growing collection of tools and techniques which allow non-technical people to build apps, websites, games and other types of software without having to learn to code or worry about servers, hosting and other software problems.

People who take part in the No-Code movement by using NoCode tools, launching NoCode apps and creating NoCode educational content believe that software creation should be accessible to anyone, not just those who have already learnt to code or studied computer science.

Why do I need this? Don't the tools themselves have education?

Many platforms will show you how to precisely use the specific features of the tool - Like an instruction manual. . But building an app on that material alone can be a bit like trying to build a car engine with just the instruction manual - If you haven't done it before, and don't understand how it actually works, you're going to run into a lot of problems.

We make sure you understand how Software actually works. We teach you the basics and fundamentals, show you how to execute those on the tools and then we show you how to actually implement full apps from start to finish (Like the list halfway- up this page of AirBnB, Uber etc)

Who are the Experts behind NoCode University?

NoCode.Tech is the largest No-Code website on the Internet and one of the longest-standing too: We've been around since 2016 and help hundreds of thousands of people build without code every year.

Many of our tutorials are taught by Nile, in fact I'm the person writing this 👋 I've been in the No-Code space for over 8 years, and I learned to program before that. Since then, I've worked with startups, large companies and before I ran full-time, I looked after Engineering departments and an internal No-Code team for the UK's biggest bank!

You can find me on Twitter @Nile

Can I download my code from No-Code Platforms?

It depends.

Some platforms - Webflow, for example - will allow you to fully export the code. Most will allow you to export your data, but not the physical code. Others will allow you to host your app on your own servers, but not to export the actual code.

In practice, we find that No-Coders are often surprised by how far their apps scale without code, and when they move away, it's generally only if they were going to do a full re-build anyway, usually by the time the business has grown and can afford Developers.

How far Can No-Code Scale?

No-Code platforms routinely handle tens of millions of users, have security experts working on their safety full-time and handle countless rows of data.

You can likely run your No-Code business forever, but if you do choose to move to traditional code, choosing the right tool and implementation will help you move your data across.

You'll be surprised at how many 7 and 8 figure businesses have scaled without code!

How much creative freedom do I have with No-Code?

Usually quite a lot!

Every No-Code tool is different and we'll help you find one that gives you the right balance of creative freedom in terms of visual design or logical complexity. Even the most intricate designs can be implemented on No-Code tools.

You are not limited to templates provided by No-Code Tools.

Will No-Code work for my project?


Unless you're building a high-security use-case like banking or hospital software, or you're working on VR/AR, AI or something equally cutting-edge.

Even if you are working on those topics, there's usually still a way - it might just be hard. Get in touch for some advice.

Where there's a will, there's always a way!

What is the difference between NoCode, No-Code and NoCode.Tech?

No-Code and NoCode both refer to all of the tools and methods which allow Non-Technical people to build software without writing code. There are hundreds and thousands of these.

NoCode.Tech is an educational site aimed at helping you discover and use the best tools and methodologies.